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We used Kiss a Fish Hydrolysate this summer to keep over 30 flats of native forbs healthy and alive for two or more months while staging planting areas across campus. The fertilizer helped assured that, despite a long period in flats, the plants had sufficient food and nutrients to stay healthy!
-Amy Seeboth-Wilson, Sustainability Coordinator UW-Platteville

This was my first time using “Kiss A Fish” natural fish fertilizer and I was so impressed. I volunteer at Neenah Creek Elementary School in Briggsville, Wi. in the school greenhouse. We raise mostly vegetables; tomatoes, cauliflower, green peppers, squash, herbs, and a few flowers. I applied the fertilizer as the directions stated to part of our plants and watched the transformation. In the first week alone I noticed improvements, the plants were much greener and healthier looking than the ones that were not fertilized. Every week I could see the changes happening, the plants were much larger and the stems were twice the size of the others. By the time of our plant sale, they were ready for the ground and most of the tomatoes were already starting to blossom. Every year it’s a challenge in the greenhouse, you never know what to expect with the weather, those cloudy cool days nothing seems to grow. Not this year, everything fertilized looked as though we had had perfect weather conditions every day.
Cheryl Coon

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