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Smoked Rainbow TroutOur SMOKED TROUT is SPECIAL! We smoke our trout differently than others. Most smoked fish is made from either fish that did not sell fresh so is several days old or made from frozen fish.

Our SMOKED TROUT FILLETS are processed from swimming fish the day they are SOAKED and SMOKED. They are then VACUUMED SEALED to maintain freshness and quality This process allows for just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness that makes a smoked fish SUPREME!

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Our SMOKED TROUT is available anytime if you give us enough notice! We have our trout smoked as needed to provide you the FRESHEST and HIGHEST QUALITY on the market today. Currently, we deliver for restaurants, groceries, preorder customers, and Farmer’s Market customers twice per week. Pre-orders can be picked up at our processing location.


We can ship our SMOKED TROUT any place in USA. Call or email to order! Please let us know the amount you would like. The individual vacuumed sealed packages are between 1/3 and 2/3 lbs so please indicate approximately what size packages you would like us to send ( for example approximately 1/3 lb, ½-lb. or 2/3 lb ) They will be shipped express to keep the product COLD, FRESH, and HIGH QUALITY!


We have been providing Wausau Area Customer’s SMOKED TROUT Year Round for 5 years! We are at the Bull Falls Summer Farmer’s Market on River Drive from April through October 7:30 am to Noon and at the Wausau Winter Market at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club from November thru March.8:00 to Noon.


Currently, we have SMOKED TROUT for local pickup every Thursday and every day at our processing facility on our farm located at 4002 3rd Avenue in Big Spring, WI. Our location is about six miles East of Wisconsin Dells and about 3 miles West of Briggsville.


Currently, we delivery SMOKED TROUT in Southwest Wisconsin to Restaurants, Grocery, and Home Delivery every 2nd & 4th Wednesday. We deliver to locals every Tuesday &Thursday. We deliver to all customers in Central Wisconsin on Friday. Please call by 8 am the day before delivery so we get ready for your delivery the next day.
Smoked Rainbow Trout


We have a few SMOKED TROUT recipes to share. Click Here! We try to add new ones as often as possible and try to match a season when other fresh ingredients are available to make the recipe special.

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