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What We Have to Offer & Why?

Big Spring Fish Company LLC offers a franchise that ensures your success right from the beginning and support to carry you through to a better way of living. We produce products that are good for humans and the planet. Our methods are well proven through operation of our own small facility that has produced and marketed under our brand names that represent quality and consistency.

We do this as we believe the future of our children and the planet depends on the production of food both locally and efficiently that ensures the ecological integrity of each small community. Even though we are selling our products through E-commerce our long-term goal is to establish local franchises that can reduce or eliminate shipping and at the same time establish a sustainable concept.


Big Spring Fish Company, LLC is wholly owned by Rand Atkinson, an aquatic ecologist who has spent a lifetime understanding man’s need to feed the world in a sustainable manner. From his childhood working on a dairy farm and in his working in his parent’s grocery and restaurant businesses to his college education in ecological principals, the need for local food production was developed… A career in government water law/ conservation followed by businesses in the aquaculture production of many species and ecological restoration of aquatic systems, to teaching land restoration all contributed to this point of creating a franchise. SEE THE VITAE PDF.


The design of the Franchise is based on repurposing old dairy farmsteads that extend from the East Coast through the Midwest and to design new small aquaculture facilities that are efficient and ecologically sound. All this depends on a reliable and high-quality water source, so our first step is to evaluate your potential to provide this. Only then will we continue to accept you and your facility as a Franchise. Once accepted, a design to fit your existing infrastructure will be created, constructed, and tested.


High-quality small fish will be introduced and methods/procedures for their growth and well-being provided as part of the franchise. Marketing of the Big Spring Fish Company Brand will begin as your fish approach market size.

4 Inch TroutSupport

The guidance for fish production will take many forms: water quality monitoring, quality feed provision, fish feeding rates and secrets, and projections for growth into a continual market.   Processing techniques, licensing, value-added products and keeping up to and understanding developing market demands will all be shared as part of the Franchise. The franchise location and marketing techniques are essential to your success and growth into your local sustainable market.

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