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About Big Springs

Established in 2013, we raise rainbow trout utilizing old farmsteads, converting old dairy farms into small-scale fish facilities. We begin with certified disease free eggs and end with market size trout. Once they reach optimal size, they are processed locally and delivered to you! Rand Atkinson, owner and operator, has over 30 years of experience raising rainbow trout and working with trout in their natural habitats.

Our fish

The key to our healthy trout begins with Pure Spring Water. That is what we use to raise our trout in… because they need it. This clean pure water is pumped from an artesian aquifer deep in the earth, protected by a thick layer of clay below the surface waters, and then aerated. This excellent quality water is the foundation for our healthy fish. In addition, we feed our trout the best feed available and use the best husbandry practices at our facility. We do not use chemical or antibiotics in rearing or STPP during distribution.

Our BarnOur location

Big Spring Fish Company LLC farmsteads are located about 7 miles from Wisconsin Dells, in the unincorporated village of Big Spring, Township of New Haven, in SE Adams County. Come see where our fish are raised, LOOK FOR THE AQUA BLUE STRIPPING ON THE SILOS!

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