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Nature Out of Context

This is a day when words and phrases are used out of context or used because they are a hot topic or buzz word to create images of their own meaning without respect for the original meaning. This is a sad day.

        The word ‘ecology” abuses would make Leopold turn over in his composting grave. The word ecology has been used is describing the economy, Wall Street, and social interaction structure.  The only common thread of that the ecology of nature has with these is the fact all are facing catastrophes under the present actions of man.  Until we take seriously understanding and preserving the physical, chemical, and biological interactions of all organisms that truly make this planet function the economic and social well being of man will not continue.

         The word “sustainability” which should always be connected to the true meaning of ecology seems to be used to promote every product on the planet. The greatest rub is with “sustainable agriculture” is that corporate farming, though it is producing a lot of “food” it is destroying the ecology of our planet to feed an overpopulated world with less nutritional food.  Though organic farming is also consumptive of resources it is both local and more nutritional.  So, where do you put your land ethic and personal consciousness, in practices that destroy the ecology of all or practices that produce poor food for the poor?

        Recently, I heard the phrase “endangered species” as a buzz word used so out of context to make a biased point that I cringed.  The Black Lives Matter Movement characterized the black man in America as an “endangered species”.  Maybe it would be better for the planet earth if all mankind was truly endangered … we are approaching our limit of capacity quickly and this earth is reacting in violent ways. Perhaps, sadness can be cured by facing the ills of mankind with actions that make all smile.

Clyde Ferndock, June 11, 2019

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