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Rand’s Welcome

Hello, Welcome to Rants and Raves.  I want you to comment on our website, our products, and especially, if you share our commitment to a sustainable world. We want you join us here in commenting what is happening to our world ocean and freshwater fisheries and the salt and fresh water ecosystems that support them.

We feel we are different from “farm- raised” fish that originate half way around the world or that are reared in a contaminated environment. Our goal is for people to raise fish and food locally.  You should know who is producing your food ….. And how it raised.

We feel we are using the principles of permaculture. We re-purpose small dairy facilities: the silo, the well, the barn, the old farm-house. We use the high quality well water to raise the fish that do well at the temperature provided not using expensive heating or cooling technology. We use the small amount of fish excrement to fertilize plants, lawn, or potted plants. We use fish viscera and skeleton from our processing to create a concentrated fish hydrolysate fertilizer that can be used safely and sustainably on all plants.  These products and practices can be used to restore the local ecology and economy.

Please consider our products or duplicating what we do. We are franchising to help you be successful. There are so many old dairy farmsteads in America that you can use. As a young couple or a retired person looking for income this a way to get a good start and produce your own food … and your neighbor’s food locally.


Rand Atkinson

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  1. I hope on this cloudy winter day someone discovers my website … and as myself, ask questions of where my food comes from. I have always tried to understand and follow Aldo Leopold’s Creed
    ” A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”
    Today it is evident that the processes of supplying food in America and often globally is severely stumbling from this creed. The integrity of the food we consume has been lost.

    The wholeness of the soil that once produced our food is now nearly gone. The humus of the soil, its storage structure, has been replaced by bio-chemicals including inorganic fertilizers, genetically altered enzymes, and pesticides that focus on production not quality food. The first principal of successful agriculture was to store large stores of fertility, microbes, and natural enzymes that maintained a correct relationship between the processes of growth and the processes of decay. Add large expanses of fields without forests, grassland, and other biological corridors for the natural world to survive and to protect our waterways and groundwater, then both the stability and beauty of the biotic community rural landscape cannot survive.
    The food products of this industrial agriculture, as if not already compromised by there production methods, are further loosing integrity by further processing, shipping long distances, and eventually creating waste that further consumes large amounts of land. Tons of garbage is burned and buried as city dwellers ignore and not respond to a plea to USE NO MORE THAN ONE NEEDS, WASTE NOTHING, AND RETURN ORGANIC RESIDUES TO THE SOIL.
    There is a need for long range crops and recognize adjacent marginal lands important to the future of our food and health. Perhaps, the current natural and organic food production will restore the virtues, cultural traditions, and processes that once made us healthy and of strong will and mind. I will do my best to try to fulfill the creed of a wise one.

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