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Our Goal at Big Spring Fish Company LLC is to provide the best local products that are the highest and freshest quality in addition to being SUSTAINABLE in that they are good for you and the environment.

Our number one product is FRESH RAINBOW TROUT (steelhead salmon), reared and harvested at Big Spring Fish Company, and marketed fresh to local restaurants, farmers markets, and grocers.  “It was Swimming Yesterday!”

Our second product is FRESH SMOKED RAINBOW TROUT.  The day it is filleted, it is soaked, smoked, and vacuumed sealed.  This product is marketed locally along with the fresh fish.  Online sales coming soon!

Our third product, available for online purchase now, is KISS A FISH hydrolysate liquid fertilizer concentrate.  Available in 1/2 gallon, full gallon, and 5 gallon. Orders larger than 5 gallons have a discount. This organic-based fertilizer can be used on all plants!

Would you like to raise your own rainbow trout?  Big Spring Fish Company LLC is looking for interested individuals to FRANCHISE.  Checkout the Franchise page to learn more.

Order Kiss-A-Fish Hydrolysate Fertilizer

Kiss-a-Fish Fish Hydrolysate FertilizerBig Spring Fish Hydrolysate is made from our all natural fresh fish ingredients to use as a natural liquid fish-based fertilizer.

Currently available for pre-order online by the 1/2 gallon, full gallon, and 5 gallon.

(Shipping and handling extra)

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